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On a High

I felt victorious this afternoon at the gym. I reached 3 minutes in wild snake (rope training); that’s a full round, non-stop. It’s not even comparable to my kru whose wild snake record high is 2 rounds (6 minutes, non-stop).


Truly, your body can achieve what the mind conceives.

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Clocking In

What have I been up to lately?

As always, the answer to that is training. I have 2 weeks to prepare for my fight on March 16 and have yet to lose approximately 3kgs. I have been eating less and eating appropriately.  Hard training is back hence my aching thighs and feet.

One of the highlights of my training would be clocking my best time in the ropes. The past week, I just averaged 30-40seconds for 3 sets. Last Monday when there were 2 guys urging me to push, I did my usual 40 seconds for the first 2 sets but amazingly hit a minute and 10 seconds on the 3rd set. I was ecstatic.

I see parabolas in the waves.

I see parabolas in the waves.

I did something different on my mental approach this time. I can now say that it’s really all in the mind. When you think that you’re tired and can no longer push, that’s what your body will think. But if you tell yourself to go on a little bit further, you’ll never notice that the usual 20 or 30 seconds of pushing has already reached a minute (and even more). I didn’t entertain the thought that I was tired even if numbness is starting to kick in my shoulders and arms. I kept thinking that I just began and I need to go on as if my life depended on it. And it worked!

So today, from the menial half minutes, I was able to complete a minute and 10 seconds (and longer) for 3 sets. It was unbelievable. My trainer said that so far nobody in the gym can match that, except for him of course  as he can do a full round nonstop (a round=3minutes) , his aim is to go for 2 rounds. Mine is to prolly to a full round and I’ll take it from there. I won’t say it is easy though. It just looks easy but I kid you not. That unpretentious bitch is a killer workout. I do that towards the end of my routine so that I’ll be using whatever energy is left, haha.

Otherwise, training is pretty much the same, intensified a few times. I feel the change because when I arrive home, I just want to go to bed and crash. I’m beat, I’m tired, my body is painful, my muscles are taxed but I love the feeling. I’m happy.

Train hard, fight easy!

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Feb. 17  is my father’s birthday, he would have been 69. There are days when I miss him. I miss him when there are stuff at home that only he knows or only he can fix. It’s still different knowing there’s a man in the house. There are things that only a guy can easily understand.

When he passed, that’s when I realised that he was a very nice man. Looking back, I think my dad has inspired me in more ways than I care to admit. I will not be writing this now if he were alive.

Growing up, he was that man who worked so he can provide. He was a business man who supplied pipes and heavy equipment to a lot of industrial and mining companies. I will hear him talk to his clients on the phone, go out and be gone the whole day to look for machineries, tools, and equipment in junk shops or surplus shops that he can buy and sell, I’m sure there’s more to it than that but I never really knew how it worked since I was very young and all I was concerned about was either to study and get good grades or play. He and my mom would discuss business in Fookien. I remember my high school classmates calling me on the phone but will hold off the conversation because they are entertained hearing my parents converse in Chinese in the background.

As mentioned, much of who I am and what I became can be credited to my dad’s influence. At 5, I already know what a long nose pliers is, I already know what’s the difference between a Phillips screwdriver and a regular screwdriver. He was an engineer so there were a lot of guy stuff at home. He’d have a lot of tools, power tools, like different kinds of hammer. He has a whole storage room all for his “toys”.

Long nose pliers

He encouraged us to be active, so after learning to ride the bike one summer; the same bike that my uncle; his youngest brother learned from, he assembled top of the line BMX bikes from various Japanese brands. Yes, bikes, not just a bike. He never settled for just one, given that I had an older brother and a younger sister.He was being fair, if one gets a bike, then everybody has to have one.

He also got me 3 kinds of balls for my 10th birthday; basketball which I was learning to play that time, football and a volleyball. I never learned to play football and volleyball, but basketball was the first sport I learned and loved and was actually good at it. He took pride when I showed him my dribbling skills and was even prouder knowing I am the only girl in the PE basketball class amongst 10 year old boys. At 11, I was being recruited by high school girls to play for their batch during intramurals, as much as he wanted me to play for a team, I was too young and he wanted me to focus on my studies, I’ll have my chance playing when I graduate from grade school.

I was not the usual girly-girl who wanted to play with dolls. I did play house and such but I have developed the love for sports. Tennis was another sport I appreciated after seeing my uncle (mom’s eldest brother this time) score 6-0, 6-0 in a friendly match at a local tennis club nearby. So yea, I was that sporty girl, aka boyish.

Too bad, my promising basketball playing career was cut short because when I transferred to an all-girls’ school for high school, basketball was banned by the nuns. They said it was the breeding ground for lesbians and they don’t tolerate it.

My parents never ridiculed me for not being lady-like or mahinhin (the colloquial for prim and proper), they never scolded me for playing outside and for being very active. I was that girl who is covered in sweat everyday during summer vacation. I never heard a negative word for playing with my brother and male playmates. I did have girl playmates too and have lots of friends in school, both girls and boys alike but I already prefer the company of boys early on, they’re just so easy to be with.

He bought me my very first guitar when I was 14 after getting good grades. He never said a word when I said I don’t want piano lessons anymore then got me the guitar. We were both upset and mad when my mom smashed that guitar during one of her “days”.  He just said “yang mommy mo!” (that mother of yours!) while I cried my eyes out in school! When other girls cry over their boyfriends, I cry over my broken guitar!

Forward to a few years later, I was in college. My dad accompanied me to buy t-square, technical pens, etc I needed for Engineering Drawing 101. He taught me how to dismantle/disassemble

We both agree that Staedtler is the best when it comes to tech pens.

We both agree that Staedtler is the best when it comes to tech pens.

my tech pens for weekly cleaning. He gave me the tip to put a little baby oil in the ink cartridge so I’d know if my pen needs refilling and to be really careful of the

Lines are everywhere!!!

Lines are everywhere!!!

nib or needle because once it’s folded, it’s better to buy a new pen. My dad was good in Math, he’d help my sister in her math subject, or should I say he’s the one solving my sister’s Math homework. What Math is to my sister, it was perspective drawing for me, I just got lost in all the lines coming from the orthographic and oblique projection.

Obliques was not just for exercise.

Obliques was not just for exercise.

A few years after, I also became the designated cook at home. He preferred my cooking over my mom’s haha. He wants his meal to be on plate and rice in another, he never liked his meals mixed or topped. He never liked eating in plastic, he prefers porcelain. He’s not keen on vegetables and loved Coke. A lot.

I can actually go on and on talking about his idiosyncrasies and how his influence impacted my life but I think you already know by now that I am thankful that I had a very supportive father.

He would be very proud if he saw me lose all that weight and I would love for him to come watch me (if i get to) fight. But for now, I am content in knowing that he looking down at me from heaven nodding and laughing because he has an unusual daughter who likes boyish stuff rather than girly ones, who prefers contact sports and doesn’t dance. As I mentioned in my eulogy, it’s sad that he won’t be able to walk me down the aisle but I know that he is confident that someday, I will marry a man who, like him, will support me in doing things I like, who will respect me for being a non-conformist that despite of all the boyish facets, would know that deep down inside, I am very much of a girl a girl can be.

Happy Name Day Papa!!! Smoke all the cigarettes you can smoke in heaven and drink your Coke, no ice.

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I Was Wrong

First off, my suspicion is incorrect. It’s not Cuboid Syndrome.

When I went to my orthopaedist last Friday, he suspected it was Bunionette.  So he ordered some xrays and prescribed some pain meds.

This is how it looks like but mine's not that big...yet.

This is how it looks like but mine’s not that big…yet.

I came back the following day for the xray results and interpretation and I came out negative for bunionette. My xrays didn’t look anything like those below. My doctor concluded that I might’ve hurt myself during training and I wasn’t aware hence the pain since I don’t wear tight shoes.

Classifications of Bunionette: A, Type I, with lateral prominence of the metatarsal head. B, Type II, with lateral bowing of the fifth metatarsal. C, Type III, with widening of the 4-5 IM angle.

Classifications of Bunionette: A, Type I, with lateral prominence of the metatarsal head. B, Type II, with lateral bowing of the fifth metatarsal. C, Type III, with widening of the 4-5 IM angle.

gel pad

I was advised to do contrast baths and start wearing protection pads.

I never expected bunions or bunionette to cause a lot of pain but apparently they do. Oh the woes of being an athlete (**cough cough**).

At the end of the check-up, my doctor also said it would be a good idea to see a Physical Therapist. Since it doesn’t cost me to see one, then all I have to do is to set an appointment. I’d rather be safe than sorry. I don’t want the risk to injury as I don’t want to be sidelined for so long.

By this time, the pain is gone and I will resume training tomorrow. I will see a physiotherapist next week.

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January 2013

My right lateral foot hurts. There’s restricted movement and I can’t put all my weight on it. I tried reading on some articles and I suspect it might be CUBOID SYNDROME .

It just started this morning when I came home from a short jogging stint with my dog Charlie. I didn’t trip on anything and this isn’t sprain either.

This would merit another trip to the orthopaedist and if my suspicion is correct, probably an additional trip to a podiatrist or a physical therapist might also be needed. I won’t be able to train later and that sucks.

I hope simple manual manipulation will do the trick so I can go back to the gym ASAP. It will kill me if rest is needed.

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Daily Grind

I do solemnly swear that I am up to some good.

I do solemnly swear that I am up to some good.

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